For 20 years, Resource Recovery Consultants has proudly planted roots and grown with Mt. Juliet and the greater Nashville area. Starting out of the home of President, Randy Raines, RRC has expanded to care for clients all over the US, Canada, and Australia, managing over 750 sites. Randy always had the vision of starting his own business – after an Associate’s degree in Business & Commerce, and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a minor in Marketing, he began growing Resource Recovery Consultants into the business it is today. Initially focusing on bill auditing and helping companies manage their utility and waste expenses for the first three years, RRC transitioned into waste, special waste, and recycling services because

“… businesses weren’t properly managing those, and I saw a need due to the impact companies were having on our environment. I asked what the opportunity was, which has lead to the evolution of what Resource Recovery Consultants is today,” says Raines.

Over the course of 17 years after transitioning to waste, special waste, and recycling services, RRC has carved a deep niche of providing consulting services in thrift, retail, big box stores, and industrial construction. Our goal when partnering with new clients is always to find the right fit, because when envisioning the next 20 years,

“I want to see RRC expand past the US, Canada, and Australia to help companies make an even larger impact on our environment by reducing their waste footprint, but also saving their money. It’s a partnership. It always has been, and it always will be,” comments Raines.