In the story in our Mission, we found a fence builder who has been working hard to build his business. With our Waste Management, we were able to guide him in how to be a more efficient company and keep the bottom line low, but what about the chemicals used to treat the wood? How do we dispose of those chemicals, the run-off created in the production of their fences, and how do we make sure they’re within code for chemical use to prevent fines in the future?

Special waste (hazardous, electronic, biological, sharps), in its nature, necessitates well-controlled special waste management because of regulations and guidelines created through The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act by the Environmental Protection Agency. Staying in compliance with both federal and state regulations is an investment all companies must make; it’s our job to ensure this is done in the most cost-effective way possible while reducing your environmental footprint created by the byproducts of the services and products you offer. Special waste management requires a 4-tier approach:

  • Implementing our established Best Practices and Protocols for special waste that abide by The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act as well as state regulations through negotiated contracts with vendors.

  • Maintaining special waste programs to ensure they are within code and special waste is disposed of efficiently, and at a price-point that keeps your bottom line where it should be.

  • Foreseeing fines in the future as your business grows and enacting preventive special waste services as to prevent fines before they happen.

  • Providing customized reporting on your special waste broken down into measurement standards that help you understand more about your efficiency as a company.

Whether it be hazardous, electronic, biological, or sharps waste, our 20 year history of establishing and managing programs for the disposal of these in a manner that both saves our client’s money and reduces their environmental footprint is something we take pride in at Resource Recovery Consultants. Just as with waste management, we are constantly creating data based on your special waste usage and providing feedback in a manner relevant to your company so you can maximize your efficiency, save money, improve your bottom-line profit, and reduce your environmental footprint while preventing fines before they happen.