Imagine for a moment the spinning blade of a circular saw slicing its way through the grain of a plank of wood hundreds of times a day for a fencing company you built from the ground up. The hands that guide the saw have been trained, calloused, and work as efficiently as they can. With each cut of the blade, saw dust accumulates and the scraps of the end pieces stack up by the end of the day. How do you make sure there’s not any wasted wood? How do you ensure each bin of scrap wood is filled as efficiently as possible so you don’t pay extra for multiple bins to be disposed of? Who picks up those bins, and how do you make sure they get picked up on time? Most importantly, how do you track your waste, can any of that be recycled for cash in your pocket, and are you up to code on disposing the chemicals used to treat the wood?

Every business regardless of size or mission strives to improve their bottom line. With overhead expenses continually rising, businesses increasingly demand the services and expertise of consultants who know how to analyze and control overhead expenses. Additionally, businesses have the need for consultants who know how to go back and recover past overpayments in these areas.

The mission of Resource Recovery Consultants is to ensure that each and every client has a quality vendor, at the most competitive rates, with the best service standard and highest equipment efficiencies, site by site for their waste, special waste, and recycling management. Our goal is to reduce waste cost through waste diversion programs, efficiency programs, and rate reductions with existing vendors while providing customized reporting for our clients to measure their waste data broken down by measurement standards that are useful and practical for them. We thrive to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency in their waste management, and do this with the utmost character, trust with our clients, and with two goals in mind: to positively impact the environment through waste reduction, and to save our clients money.